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Even the best cars will need a tune up. And it’s not different with your computer. After a few months of use, you start to have junk on your registries and the results couldn’t be different: your computer gets slower and slower. Nothing that a good tune up wouldn’t take care of!
On the tune up process, we’ll analyse all your computer operation, its softwares and memory resident tasks to determine the best approach to speed it up. On a brand new computer, you can have an increase of 40% on its performance, in a simple tune up! On an used computer, this number may vary, but you’ll hardly ever have less than 20% increase on its performance after a well done tuneup. And differently than on that tv ad, where the a software would finally be your salvation for a slow computer, we do that the way it has to be: analyzing and acting. By the way, again differently than the ad, we will not place a picture here of someone working on a Mac and a tag saying that the software is for pcs only. We already heard several people reporting how useless that software is, but what is actually funny is to see an ad with Macs for a software that is not intended to be used on macs.

When we started to depend more and more on cars to take us where we have to go, we started to accept a flat tire as something that sooner or later will happen to us. It’s about the same with broken laptop screens. If it never happened to you, may happen at any time; on the other hand, if it did happen, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. Whether your roommate sat on your laptop or your son closed the lid with a pen on the top of the keyboard, once you broke the screen, you have to replace it. Knowing that, and always keeping in mind that you don’t want to wait for your computer, here at GeekAvailable, differently than the other shops in town, we have up to 80% of the screens in stock so we can have your screen replaced same day most times. Unfortunately, we can’t carry all of them in stock, but even if we don’t have yours, we can have it here next day for you.

If your screen is dim, we can help you too. Please give us a call and enquire on this repair.

Affordable Desktop/ PC Repair in San Diego County

Don’t give up on your computer just because it’s broken or too slow. Let us help you to save your investment and find out that you don’t have to upgrade your machine as often as the “computer-store-guy” recommended you!

EVERYDAY we help people in San Diego County saving HUNDREDS of dollars fixing their computers instead of buying new machines. Most times it’s just a matter of “tune up”. We’ve been doing it for almost ten years and now it’s time to show YOU how much you can save doing the same.

And remember, we’re experts in saving you money! Most times, you can save up to 90% fixing your laptop or PC computer instead of buying a new one!

Affordable Computer Repair in San Diego County!