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Every now and then you’re likely to be caught by some nasty virus, Trojan or any other type of infection. It may happen especially if you use limewire or goes to adult websites. By the way, this is one of that occasions where your roommate or kids may be the responsible for the damage. We are here to help!
There are two ways of doing that: most of the times we can just remove the virus and everything is like it was before; or we can backup all your information and reinstall windows, then move your information back into your computer (keep in mind that you cannot do that with softwares; it only applies to files like pics, music, documents, etc).

Affordable Desktop/ PC Repair in San Diego County.

Don’t give up on your computer just because it’s broken or too slow. Let us help you to save your investment and find out that you don’t have to upgrade your machine as often as the “computer-store-guy” recommended you!

EVERYDAY we help people in San Diego County saving HUNDREDS of dollars fixing their computers instead of buying new machines. Most times it’s just a matter of “tune up”. We’ve been doing it for almost ten years and now it’s time to show YOU how much you can save doing the same.

And remember, we’re experts in saving you money! Most times, you can save up to 90% fixing your laptop or PC computer instead of buying a new one!

Affordable Computer Repair in San Diego County!