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Every single day someone will call us with a hard drive problem, a virus problem or a system crash and will pop up the question: do you think you can save my information as I don’t have a backup?
Well, fortunately, most of the times we can! But this is almost like playing Russian roulette with your information; and most of us have literally a full life of pictures, documents, school information and songs on the hard drive. So why not being ahead of the problem?
Whether you are buying a new computer and want your information moved from the old machine, or just needs a backup extracted from a dead machine, we can help you.

If you are planning to think ahead of the problem and make sure that in case your computer goes south you will be backed up, we can help you too! Most people wouldn’t like to have their information backed up on an online service (I wouldn’t like to have my information saved somewhere else at someone elses hand either – that’s why I backup all my information in-house) and in this case we can setup your computer so it will perform backups everyday – automatically – so it won’t be a problem if your hard drive crashes.

In regards to backup, always keep one thing in mind: if it’s not automatic, it means you are NOT backing up; believe it: you computer will only crash when you forgot to backup something important!

You can either bring your own backup source and we’ll set the process up for you or we can provide you the whole solution – hardware included